Mind Matters

A Podcast is Born

Hey everyone,

Just a quick email to announce:

The Musing Mind Podcast finally exists!

The first 3 episodes are live, with Ron Purser, Erik Hoel, and Andrew Taggart. Each episode is embedded on my website alongside show notes, or available wherever you get your podcasts:

Listen Here: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | etc.

(Again, a huge thank you to Callum Flack for designing the podcast cover art)

The podcast will live on my website, at: www.musingmind.org/podcast. This is where you’ll be able to see the list of episodes, find show notes, learn more about the podcast, and who knows what else - what I’m most excited for is seeing how this project might evolve as it gets going.

If you enjoy the podcast or feel inspired to help support me, iTunes ratings this early in the game really help weave it into the algorithms that preside over the digital universe. Or just sharing an episode on social media! Any support means a great deal.

My next conversation is already lined up - I’ll be speaking with Zachary Stein (!!). Since I finished his book, Education in a Time Between Worlds, I haven’t been able to stop quoting him. A few favorites:

“…the years between 2000 and 2050 represent a critical turning point in the history of humanity and the planet…I argue that fundamental transformations of our social structures (economies and institutions), ecosystems (biosphere and agriculture), and consciousness (culture and identity) are upon us. These require a fundamentally new approach to education that entails the end of what we have known as schooling.” 

And of course:

“Groups can change society by establishing alternate modes of education; new modes of education shape the future of all political and economic life because they involve the creation of a new kind of human.” 

I’ll comment more on the first 3 podcasts in future emails. For now, just wanted to share the news.

I’m really excited to get this podcast rolling, and welcome any feedback, criticism, comments, or collaborations to improve the project. You can always reply directly to these emails, or reach out via my contact page.