What’s Going On Here?

I’m passionate about what it feels like to exist - the possibilities for sentience. My writing eyes that liminal space between what is, and what could be.

My basic sentiment is that we are all going to die & nothing of ours will remain; SO, might as well kick life squarely in the pants, & live with as much vigor & zest & kindness as we can muster. Doing so is an integral, ecological project - equal parts individual responsibility and sociocultural engineering.

Finding that sweet spot of where & how to live is a ceaseless, bold exploration of the labyrinth of consciousness. My newsletter relays my wanderings through the streets of philosophy, economics, meditation, architecture, neuroscience, & whatever the fuck else seems to matter. The trick is to hit these roads with gusto, a measure of existential creativity.

At present, I’m after the connective tissue between consciousness & capitalism, meditation & philosophy, living & knowing we live.

This newsletter emanates from MusingMind.org, the splayed trail of my reading & writing, my becoming as an astonished flesh-bag in an expanding cosmos. Let’s have a pot of tea & share our astonishments?

Unwind & enjoy,
~ Oshan