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This was really great to read. Thanks for writing and researching it. One thought I had relating to poverty as a location is from the book Sex and world Peace by Valerie Hudson and others. The book mentions that being born a woman and having given birth to a child increases the statistics of being poor later in life because that path leads you through a location (childcare) where you aren’t building your own career for a long time and where you have little to rely on when “retirement” comes. I’m liking this “location” way of thinking about poverty. “Paving over” feels like an aggressive, urban way to talk about metaphorical locations that while miserable may also be hold a few, rich important experiences to those who experience those “locations”.

Cessation also makes sense to me as I certainly have had to re-build my top-down understanding of the world from evidence contrary to it. You gave me some good language for that.

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Very cool and very unexpected cross-connection (those are the best kinds)!

I will be thinking about this one as I keep going with my day.

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